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Mom of 8. I Write About Spirituality, Parenting, Mindset, Fitness & Life Experiences to Passionately Uplift Lives! Follow my Journey @

You were born to make a difference.

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When I was a baby, my mom told me, It was raining night in Somalia. I didn’t throw a fuss like most babies do when born. It was a moment of a long silence in the room, so the Nurse midwife who was delivering me thought I was dead because I was taking way too long to sing the song: Hello,

it’s me.

Hello from the other side,

Now that I am outside

I wanna tell you I am sorry

For all the pain I caused

because soon I

started to burst into

Don’t let anyone define your timeline for success.

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My OCD monster showed up and had been haunting me for the past few years, reminding me I was on my way to turning 33 soon. He is a bit of an asshole because he’s always telling me: “I suck” or “too late,” “ they are doing better,” “they are ahead, and I am in a hamster-wheel getting nowhere” because of these stories of 30 under 30 from Forbes.

I always admired successful people, but I feel like there’s a part inside me I allowed to think less of myself. It doesn’t mean I hate those with success; it inspires…

Once in a while you need one

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Once upon a time, I was gifted with a Kidnap day from my best friend.
I signed up a long time ago to be kidnaped with my heart and soul…waiting for the magic to take place.

I am telling you when you become a parent to a bunch of kids — you signup for strange things, enjoy strange things, you become this weirdo, and you don’t give a sh*t so you can breathe again.

We were roaming around like little kids in a garden, and yes, what a blessing it was!

Go out and explore nature

It’s good…

Embrace Your Design

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Let me tell you, there’s nothing wrong with trying to look hot like Halle Berry, but there’s something way better. And as a teenager, I’ve done some crazy things to fit in with the beauty squad.

It’s hard when you live under peer pressure. Most teenagers feel like they have to vibe in with individual styles, looks, ideas, or they’ll feel like they are left out.

I was obsessed with having clean-looking eyebrows. Most ladies reading this can relate to this: When your eyebrows are straightened, somehow you feel and look cleaner.

Anyway, there was a problem with plucking my…

You’ll wish you never existed

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Let’s Begin With Hell. Door #1

Speaking from countless experiences after giving birth to eight kids, Lord knows, labor isn’t a joke. Severe monstrous invasion of pain lineup to get your body ready for popping.

Oh how I wish if it were as easy as popcorn popping!

I don’t know if it’s only me or some of you mamas out here on the same boat with me? I get loud, yell, scream, flip, bite — more like a zombie ready to attack pillows to take my frustration of relieving my pain.

The pain has me yelling and questioning how I signed up for this because the…

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